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How B2B digital gets done.



B2B marketing under seige

It's a generational shift.

Customers do their own research and come to meetings knowing everything about your company, products and competition. If they come at all.


Now you must be relevant and strategic at a whole new level. And you have to do it in all channels. And in a minute.

Marketing meets Sales. Finally.

Nobody knows the customers better than the sales team. But until now, empowering reps with real-time customizable sales media has been too risky, complex and expensive. 

Introducing Citia -a breakthrough Web App system that enables sales to make, manage and measure the most engaging content ever!

Welcome to the no-coding transformation.

"We're in the midst of a customer-driven growth revolution."

Bill McDermott, ServiceNow CEO

Adding Citia to your sales toolkit

Takes marketing and sales effectiveness to a whole new level

Real-time Metrics

Customize in

real time


Now you have an answer for everything at your fingertips

The bar's gone up and the pressure's on you to be relevant.  With Citia's easy-to-use system all of your material is literally inches and milliseconds away.

Mobile Friendly

Pre-sell, Prospect and Prep

From the exhibit floor to email and texts

Citia cards let you engage like never before. Just choose the best content for your customer and

send right from your cell.

Try that with your Powerpoint.

 Metrics that Matter

Simple uniform metrics

are a revolution too

Now you can see how the customers engage with your material after you leave.

Views and shares.

Makes iterating a cinch. Lets you update remotely too.

Metrics that Matter
Citia Card
Citia Card
Citia Card

"We have never been able to work this fast and create this much impact ever before."

Joanne Woo, GE

Citia Website _ Client Logos 092221 1200 x 400.001.jpeg

The New Growth Team

Citia's realtime system keeps you closer to the customer and ahead of the competition. Anyone with permission can make and publish cards with a drag and drop system.


Finally, sales and marketing and inside sales and IT can all work together in a flat, fast system that makes everybody happy.


A new hub-based system designed to support B2B marketing from awareness to close to satisfaction.


This is a hybrid site, half-Wix, half Citia widgets. You can add Citia cards and widgets to sites made anywhere on anything! Click here to see a Citia cards-only site.

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