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collaboration and engagement for

the "snack-able" era


Media habits outside and inside the company have changed beyond our imagination.


It's an era of ruthless competition for attention colliding with an ever-increasing business demand for for swift, pervasive and persuasive communications.


All big companies run multiple, incompatible systems in marketing, sales, employee development, PR, IR -making content that’s expensive to produce, can’t be found, can’t be used and re-used across departments and audiences.


Learning is hard and metrics are a mess.

It's going to take something new.

Find your

inner start-up with Citia.

Introducing Citia — a breakthrough Progressive Web App (PWA) system that enables anyone to make, manage and measure the most engaging, richly-featured, multi-purpose content ever.


With intuitively sharable Citia content cards, your teams will organically— bottoms-up—collaborate faster, better, cheaper.

Welcome to the brighter side of digital transformation!

A workforce that is increasingly digital-native and mobile-centric needs new tools!

With Citia take collaboration, speed, and engagement to a whole new level


Do it Fast. Do it Easy

From recruiting to investor relations


Citia cards let you engage like never before. It's so simple, you'll be amazed what you can do in-house. In minutes!


Customize in Realtime 

It's an "Always Be Communicating"

world now.

With Citia, you can update all content anywhere in real time. redeploy versions in minutes with no IT.


 Metrics that Matter

Simple uniform metrics

are a revolution too

Now you can see how audiences engage with your content.

Views, shares, actions.


"We have never been able to work this fast and create this much impact ever before."

Joanne Woo GE

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Enabling the Agile Enterprise 

Citia's realtime system keeps you closer to the audience and ahead of the deadline. Anyone with permission can make and publish cards with a drag and drop system.


Finally, Comms and Sales and Marketing and IT and HR and IR and ED and Training and, and...and  can all work together in a flat, fast system that makes everybody happy.



This is a hybrid site, half-Wix, half Citia widgets. You can add Citia cards and widgets to sites made anywhere on anything! Click here to see a Citia cards-only site.

The only 3rd-party content platform

for modular content that goes everywhere

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