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Digital that works better.




21st century attention spans are short

and customers have radically changed.


You've got to be in more places and faster.

And now, you need to do more with less.

This is the new normal.


power and 


at scale.

Modular, omni-channel units known as cards, are served from a powerful back-end to web, social, email, text, ad units.


Entire sites can be built with cards.

Like this one

Tell stories, engage & delight across the customer journey

with compelling, relevant content!

CITIA is a content system invented from

the ground up for this new era.

With a unified system, you can do it all

Cheaper, faster and better.

UP TO 90%


Bringing DIY to business!

No-coding. Drag and drop. Admins, CEOs, engineers can now make beautiful content.


the results

Delightful UI-- Makes your engagement numbers go through the roof!

76% average view-through

on card decks 

18% average share rate 

  UP TO 80%

time saved

Avoid the IT bottleneck.

Instant publishing and metrics.

Use the workflow and tools you already know. 

Magic? No, Citia cards.

In the last few years the internet had to change to reflect what today's users want. Speed. Snack. Skim. 


Look around, the whole thing's gone modular. Grids. Feeds. Cards.


Citia cards are special--designed to be much more powerful than single-purpose cards. So, instead of working channel by expensive channel, you make Citia cards 1X and the platform manages all the adaptability and metrics.   Tada.


Using a unified modular system also creates simple uniform metrics.


That helps keep your team and company flatter, interoperable and AI-ready. 

And is there a simpler way to do customization at scale?

Get cheaper, faster, better now.


This is a hybrid site, half-Wix, half Citia widgets. You can add Citia cards and widgets to sites made anywhere on anything! Click here to see a Citia cards-only site.

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