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Your Multi-Touch Engagement Platform





Between 1st click and mission accomplished, your customer is, well, everywhere.

So, you need to deliver relevant, impactful, measurable, delightful experiences everywhere too.

Now you can. Nurture all your prospects and audiences from top to bottom with one simple system. Citia.

This is the new easy.

So you got the 10%. What about the other 90%? The top and bottom of the funnel get the attention, but all the customers are lost in the missing middle.

A new way to capture, engage and convert your customer's attention

CITIA turns your ad units, texts, social posts and landing pages into multiverses. Give your customers infinite paths to conversion. And never lose sight of them.


On touch, Citia card decks open from ad units, social posts, texts, and emails into engaging, swipe-able, customizable, measurable experiences. From small screen to big.

You can even place a Citia deck on a traditional site like this one, or entire sites can be built with cards.

Like this one

Every customer journey is unique.

And customer-controlled.

So, give them self-serve content in the format they can't put down.

With Citia's Web App system, you can do it all

Faster, cheaper, easier

and better results.

UP TO 90%


Bringing DIY to business!

No-coding. Drag and drop. Anyone can now make beautiful content 1X and use it everywhere.


the results

Delightful UI-- Makes your engagement numbers go through the roof!

76% average view-through

on card decks 

18% average share rate 

  UP TO 80%

time saved

Avoid the IT bottleneck.

Instant publishing and metrics.

Use the workflow and tools you already know. 

Magic? No, Citia cards.

First we had pages. Then posts. Then apps. But look around, from Google to Amazon the whole internet's gone modular. Grids. Feeds. Cards.


But Citia cards are special because first, they're cards you own and control from your content hubs.

It's your data too.


Second, unlike single-purpose cards, make Citia cards 1X and the system manages all the formatting and metrics across every interaction owned, earned and paid.

And third, Citia's patent-pending CardMesh gives you the chance to tell your big stories in small pieces.

And these days, that's a big deal.

See how it works.

Citia _ Our Integrations.001.jpeg


Using Citia's system also creates simple uniform metrics.


That helps keep your team and company flatter, interoperable and AI-ready. 

And is there a simpler way to do customization at scale?

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 1.02.32 PM.png

Get cheaper, faster, better now.


This is a hybrid site, half-Wix, half Citia widgets. You can add Citia cards and widgets to sites made anywhere on anything! Click here to see a Citia cards-only site.

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